How to put Sony PS3 headset into discovery mode?

Mar 19

I DO NOT WANT TO PAIR IT WITH MY PS3, i want to pair it with my blackberry curve 8530. When i try holding down the power for the power and mute to flash back and fourth, it just turns off or makes one beep. How do i put it in pairing mode without turning it off?

you don’t.

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  1. Mike F says:

    you don’t.
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  2. x66dme66x says:

    it still has to go into pairing mode.
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  3. ? R3DSKORP1ON ? says:

    -Pairing with a mobile phone

    You can use your headset with most Bluetooth enabled phones, although advanced features such as three way calling are not available with this headset.

    Hint: If you use automatic mode to pair your headset with your PS3 system, and also pair your headset with a mobile phone, the headset gives priority to the PS3 system when both are in range. (The headset will connect to your PS3 system, not the mobile phone.)

    1) Make sure the mobile phone is turned on.

    2)Press on hold down the power button on the headset until the power and mic muting indicators flash alternatively red and green, indicating the headset is in Bluetooth discovery mode.

    3) Turn on the Bluetooth feature on your mobile phone to enable it to scan for the headset. Refer to the instructions for use of your mobile phone for more information.

    4) From the list of devices, select "Wireless Headset". When prompted for a pass key, enter "0000" as the passcode.

    Your headset is now paired with the mobile phone.
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    line for line straight out of the owners manual. next time dont throw it away :)

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