Sony Trinitron Tv Standby Timer

Nov 18

My TV is stuck in standby timer /, will not turn on?

I have a Sony Trinitron (I'm not sure if Trinitron TV is the real Name, it is simply says that to them). It will not turn on, even if I have the TV remote + button to use both. The red light next to "Standby / Timer flashing. "It was on this morning, apparently, and was fine. Could this be like a blown fuse or what? It was a thunderstorm (with lightning) yesterday Evening, if that helps.

The fact that the LED blinks could mean that the clock is not set, or an attempt, is to turn and the picture tube too weak to show a good picture. The first thing to do is to draw to the TV for about 10 minutes. Then plug it back to listen to the noise that the amount of tries, come on. When you hear that noise and the LED is the suspect the picture tube flashes, too weak. If the sentence comes on, then it is only necessary be reset to. Do not forget to set the clock.

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